4 August 2021
Salisbury Radio Advertising


Salisbury Radio is committed to supporting our local economy. Your advertising message on radio may also be shared our website users and across our social media channels – ensuring your message hits more relevant people (your prospective customers) than most other media.

Further, your advertising spend helps us organise and orchestrate fun events and activities that promote and support our local charities, non-profit organisations and small businesses.

If you have any questions about how we can help your business grow, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

When your ad is on the radio – you own that space – a radio commercial doesn’t compete with other advertisers on the page.

Radio reaches out to people who go about their daily lives around south Wiltshire and west Hampshire. 

When we launch fully on DAB digital radio, we will serve a population area of almost 200,000 people. We talk to people while they are cooking in the kitchen, driving in the car, listening at work or hiding from their boss while skiving from work. 

Radio is an ‘intrusive medium’, it reaches ‘passive people – those people who don’t know they want your product – yet! 

We ‘unlock’ more of your potential customers than any other local advertising solution.  We even allow you access to our huge social media audience.   

Our sales team

We are committed to careful and considerate customer relationships and David, Debbie and Karli will always be available and will make contact (bringing coffee, doughnuts or goodies), just to check we are doing everything we possibly can for marketing pound.

Debbie Edwards – Head of Sales 01722 433 300

Karli Hart – Sales Manager 01722 433 300

David Harber – Managing Director 01722 433 300

Our clients

It’s impossible to provide a constantly updated list all the people and companies that have already put their faith in Salisbury Radio, but we are very proud to be working with:

All The Sevens
Bluesky Fostering
Bluestone Windows
Bromspec Motorworks
Brunel Motors
Cote and Castle Estate Agents
EW Pinchbecks
Girls Love Fit
Go SkyDive
Guyatts of Salisbury
Meridian Business Support
New Garage Harnham
Ozweld International
R&L Bailey
Salisbury Dog Trainers
Salisbury Hospice Charity
Spire Glass
Stonehenge Plumbing and Heating
Studio 15
Value Cars
Wessex Drainage Solutions