18 August 2022
Salisbury Radio DJ Craig Hicks

Craig Hicks

Craig Hicks navigates the quiet roads of Salisbury each morning to host the station’s breakfast programme. It’s imaginatively titled, ‘Craig Hicks at Breakfast’.

“I have had the privilege to work on radio across the south for the last 26 years and without meaning to sound crass love it now as much as I did back when I uttered my first hi pitch noises on a student station in Southampton back in 1995.

“My journey took me from Southampton to radio in Bournemouth, then to the channel islands, back to Southampton, and then my happiest times, a 17 year stint broadcasting to our amazing city on Spire FM.

“In that time I have done some cool stuff, like jumping out of a crane next to Katie Price, walked over hot coals, carried out a 200 foot freefall, and even met Ross Kemp, which by the way was the hardest of all of the above.

“Being given the chance to present breakfast on Salisbury radio is amazing and actually is the best part of what I have done to date!

“Being able to wake up south Wiltshire and west Hampshire every day is a privilege, I just hope you can deal with my endless chat about how I have upset the wife, or my love of my amazing Barney cat!

Craig Hicks at Breakfast is on ‘Craig Hicks at Breakfast’, weekday mornings. We hope you like cats.

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