18 August 2022

Ian Burrage

Ian began his “showing off” career at the age of 5 when he was selected to be Ring Master in his primary school’s circus and fete (no, he’s never worked out how they go together either!)

Various performances as a King Herod, a Panda and a medical practitioner caller Dr Syringe later and he chose behind the scenes to make his living. Training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, he graduated in 1994 and worked at the Salisbury Playhouse for 4 years.

It was during that time he was introduced to local radio (as it was next door) and by 1999 his broadcasting career began. Ian spent four years broadcasting in Salisbury, one in London and a further eight in Somerset, before returning to the airwaves of South Wiltshire and West Hampshire at weekends in 2012. 

Ian has built his career using microphones, not just in radio, but as a voice over artist and event host where @idiotwiththemic has kept the crowd updated at Bath Rugby and Somerset County Cricket Club home matches for ten seasons, between 2009 and 2018.

He’s a father of two young adults, both of whom hate that they share his humour but, in turn, love the musical tastes they’ve inherited and he has developed his DIY skills to the point of loathing the house he is renovating. 

Ian is thrilled to be keeping the spirit alive at Salisbury Radio between 10am and 2pm each weekday.

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