18 August 2022

Roger Clarke

Roger started out on the radio path by doing travel bulletins for BBC and Commercial Radio across the South West of England.

After becoming a nuisance and hassling the bosses at GWR FM in Swindon, he was given a Saturday breakfast show.

Subsequent years have seen Roger broadcast for Spire FM, various UK in-store radio services, and more recently joining the brilliant team at Salisbury Radio.

Roger says “For me personally, the appeal of radio is it’s personal, it’s intimate. It’s that one-to-one connection with the listener which is unique and lovely.

If one listener can relate to my drivel, then I feel like I’ve engaged. You, me and no-one else. That’s all that matters”.

Roger is only allowed out at weekends, you can hear him Saturdays and Sundays between 8:00am and midday on Salisbury Radio.

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