18 August 2022
Salisbury Radio DJ David Harber

David Harber

David first broadcast to Salisbury in 1997 after a coffee with Salisbury’s local radio station managing director and breakfast show host, Ian Axton.

That relationship has thankfully continued and David and Ian continue to work together on Salisbury Radio today.

“This is such a special city”, says David. “Even though over the years I have moved all over the south coast, I have such a special feeling about the fair city of New Sarum.”

When not engrossed in spreadsheets and training manuals about online payment portals (no, he doesn’t like doing it), he can be found sat outside Wafflemeister with a skinny Mocha or later in the day perhaps hidden away at the back of the New Inn.

David is also the founder of Salisbury Radio. He will be the one who complains the loudest about any spulling mistakes on this website.

David hosts the Sunday lunchtime programme on Salisbury Radio where you can hear him talk about cats, pubs and the weather.

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